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  • Private coaching

    Do you want rapid personal development? The best choice is then private coaching. During these classes, your coach can customize the best methods in such a way that they will suit your needs perfectly. We get rid of old mistakes, learn new strategies and we can even create a new opening repertoire. Before we start, a free consultation helps us define our goals and set up the appropriate plan. All learning materials will be sent to you in ChessBase format for later review.

    Fee: depends on the location and the coach

    Currently available coaches

    Ármin Juhász IM

    Kristóf Juhász IM

    Group training

    Our group trainings are designed for 3 to 10 participants. The coach uses a demonstration board or a projector to present particular games. Each session has a special theme that we announce ahead of time.

    In terms of themes, we offer the following trainings:
    - openings
    - endgames
    - in-depth analysis of a given middle-game
    - a guest speaker’s presentation
    - analysis of classical games

    Expect a practical approach along with a cheerful atmosphere, all this at a good price. After the sessions, the participants receive the discussed material in Chess Base format.


    Ármin Juhász

    Kristóf Juhász

    Under development... See you soon!


    Are you interested in a famous chess book but cannot afford it? Would a foreign language chess book be too expensive? The solution is simple. Our library boasts 200 volumes in the Hungarian, English, German and Russian languages. Our stock is regularly updated. If you need a particular volume, feel free to contact us.

    The library rules are as follows: *

    Felelős: Ármin Juhász

    Book list

    * The due date should be observed under all circumstances. Those who fail to return their books by this date will be charged a fee. If you need an extension of the loan period, you must request it three days before the due date. If you lose or damage a book, the library will charge you a replacement cost. Borrowing fees can be paid by cash or a bank transfer.

    Tournament Preparation

    Are you preparing for a major and important tournament? You don’t know what to review? We are ready to create a fully customized training plan for you to enable you to do well at the next tournament.

    The package includes:
    - discussing your openings and diagnosing weaknesses
    - fast-track tactical review
    - tournament-specific tactical recommendations
    - setting up a realistic goal
    - getting into good shape: some physical exercise
    - sport psychology lecture
    - 5 hours of private coaching
    - consultation during the tournament

    Fee: 39000 HUF


    Ármin Juhász

    Kristóf Juhász


    Are you stuck at a certain level? Your development is not as rapid as it used to be? Contact us and we first diagnose the problem and then set up a plan. Every player’s career has its ups and downs. This is not a problem in itself. It becomes a problem when we don’t find a solution.

    Our consulting service offers:
    - 1 hour in-depth discussion of the problem
    - a complex training plan
    - the right to borrow one book from the library for free
    - consultation during the next tournament
    - a sport psychology lectur

    Fee: 25000 HUF


    Ármin Juhász