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    It is easy to contact the Centre Chess School team.


    06308331735 (Ármin Juhász)
    06309766861 (Kristóf Juhász)

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    Main venue: Kaposvár, 7400, Szántó utca 18

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    Ágoston Juhász

    National Youth Champion, Member of the Bronze Medalist Hungarian Team at the U12 School World Championship. Current Elo rating: 2178

    „I am really lucky that my brother happens to be my coach as well. When I was little, he helped me understand the rules of the game, he helped me prepare for my first tournament, and he helped me become National Youth Champion. Over the past three years, Ármin has helped me gain more than 1000 Elo-points.”

    Michael Zheng

    Michigan junior state champion 2018, he tied for national blitz U12 champion in 2018 and finally he is the youngest US chess federation expert in the state of Michigan

    „We have been working with coach Armin for quite sometime. We love his teaching style. His communication skill really impressed me. Armin has very deep knowledge from openings, to middle game, to ending... He is a very dedicated coach and always makes thorough preparation for his lessons. Armin is a very reliable person, always ready to help his students. He is flexible enough to tailor his coaching to best fit his student's need. Armin is such a pleasant young man to work with. He always keeps a positive attitude to encourage his students to strive for success.”

    Vincent Tsay

    U12 World Youth Champion and FM

    „Vincent Tsay started attending class coached by IM Armin Juhasz two years ago . Armin is a very responsible and experienced coach. Armin always prepares his class in advance and setup training schedule to conquer Vincent’s weakness. Through Armin's coaching, Vincent understands how to develop his chess accurately and efficiently. With Armin's assistance, Vincent's chess rating shoots to 2300 from 1900 in less than two years and he also won the champion in 2017 World Cadet Chess Championship U12.”


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